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A lifelong resident of the Powelton Village area in Philadelphia, Emil Baumann has made his artistic mark within the community and around the world. Throughout his career he has traveled to South America, India, Europe and East Africa.

Untitled by Emil Baumann

  • Untitled

    Emil Baumann

    Mixed Media


    Signed / Framed 


    "CULTURAL COLORS" Art Exhibition

    Influenced by his experiences in Sudan and Kenya, Emil has transcended to a position of recognition and is acknowledged by his worldly family of fellow artists globally.  Dreams are also an inspirational tool that guides Emil's bold interpretations of composition and hues. Using acrylic paint and pastels, he creates an abstract musical construction of vivid color. Many have observed the influence of African Fabric and Beadwork in his art that transports the viewer to share his experiences in travel. Come take a trip with us at Ultra Silk Gallery.


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