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“By hand, my Philadelphia scenes serve as gateways into my memories of the city throughout the years. It portrays the obscurities in one's life path while maneuvering through a dark but colorful journey."

-Bryan Guglielmi



Bryan Guglielmi is a visual artist who grew up in upstate New York and studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of FineArts. He has showcased oil paintings over the years in Philadelphia galleries and completed solo and collaborative murals locally and around the country. In addition, he successfully competed in three National Plein Air competitions.


Bryan primarily paints in a representational sense but does occasionally creates conceptual

pieces. With an adaptive brush and knife he quickly makes a visual space in which the viewer can move throughout and experience shared memories of Philly. Capturing these moments while passing through this gritty, beautiful city is an inspiring connection.


Overbrook by Bryan Guglielmi

  • Overbrook

    Bryan Guglielmi

    Oil on Canvas

    12” x 18”/ Signed



    Ultra Silk Gallery presents two talented artists, Bryan Guglielmi and Charlie Raboteau, mastering very different art mediums. Dedicated to crafting similar concepts of urban deconstruction, resurrection and portraits, these artists transport you into reinterpretations of patterns, forms and perspectives of our environment.

    An environment that is also etched on the faces of its occupants, some with direct clarity and others as reflections in glass. Life within our cities concrete jungle confronts us constantly with our historical past and makes us marvel at its everchanging future. 

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