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“Gazing on our land, we can see the omnipresent threat of natural disaster. We adapt to the changes of nature. We live from our water and our farm. We look into the distance. Our energy is actively moving while we stand strong in one place.”

-Terrence Gore



Born in Savannah, GA and raised in Philadelphia in the 1960s, Terrence L. Gore’s creativity is essential to his character. As an African American, Terrence embraced his culture and ingenuity by applying his skills to many careers. His first endeavor was combining his talents as an interior designer, curator, gourmet chef, caterer, and fashion stylist, to form an event company called T’Elgee Enterprises. As a curator, Gore hosted shows and sold artwork by well-known African American artists like Allen Stringfellow and Haitian artist Frank Louissaint for many years from his art gallery on South Street in Philadelphia.


Gazing on Our Land by Terrence Gore