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"The Dogon Ladder is a traditional piece of craftsmanship originating from the Dogon people of Mali, West Africa. The Dogon are an ethnic group known for their rich cultural heritage, particularly their unique art, architecture, and intricate knowledge of astronomy. They primarily inhabit the Bandiagara Escarpment in central Mali.


The ladders are typically made by skilled Dogon craftsmen within the tribe. They are crafted using locally available materials such as wood, often from the shea tree or other sturdy tree species found in the region. These ladders are usually constructed using simple tools and techniques passed down through generations.  


The Dogon people create these ladders by carving wedges into tree trunk-like structures that fork at the top.  The notches serve as footholds, while the fork at the top stabilizes the ladder.  The Dogon use ladders to climb to their traditional cliff dwellings and to raised granaries. 

The creation of Dogon ladders is considered an integral part of the tribe's cultural heritage. The techniques used in their construction have been preserved and passed down through generations, maintaining a connection to the Dogon's ancestral traditions.

The Dogon people are renowned for their advanced knowledge of astronomy, which is reflected in various aspects of their culture, including the design of their ladders. Some scholars have suggested that the rungs of Dogon ladders may symbolize celestial bodies or cosmic principles.

In addition to their practical uses, Dogon ladders may also be utilized in ceremonial rituals and traditional festivities. They may play a role in religious ceremonies, initiations, or other communal events where cultural symbolism is significant.

Overall, Dogon ladders are not just functional objects but also cultural artifacts that embody the rich heritage and spiritual beliefs of the Dogon people. Their craftsmanship and symbolism continue to hold significance within the community and attract interest from anthropologists and art enthusiasts worldwide.”

Dogon Ladder

  • Origin: Mali

    Material: Wood

    Size: 80" Height x 20 Width (at the top)

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