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“These images are documents of where my eyes go and dream. I think that I am looking for my reflection in the structures and landscapes. The relationships between the folks I meet with the camera feel familiar to me. My eyes want to sit there and dream a while with them. I started walking in a spiral out from my house into the neighborhood with a camera and asked myself questions. What will this look like in 5 years? What will I look like in 5 years? Should I makea picture? How should I make this picture? Where should I place my body in relation to this moment? How do I show what matters, how it feels? Sometimes I wouldprompt my neighbors with a question before making a picture with them. Mostly future facing questions, sometimes questions about love received and held close."

-Charlie Raboteau



Charlie Raboteau, a filmmaker, a photographer, and a musician, who specializes in highlighting hyper-local stories that focus on people doing work in their communities. He has provided visual and audio content for clients to showcase their work and passion in the best and truest light possible in order to build social, economic, and cultural capital. Focusing his aim to help foster positive change and draw attention to the culture and resources that make Philadelphia such a creative and vibrant city.

Crumbling Faith by Charlie Raboteau

  • Crumbling Faith

    Charlie Raboteau 


    20" x 20" / Framed / Signed



    Ultra Silk Gallery presents two talented artists, Bryan Guglielmi and Charlie Raboteau, mastering very different art mediums. Dedicated to crafting similar concepts of urban deconstruction, resurrection and portraits, these artists transport you into reinterpretations of patterns, forms and perspectives of our environment.

    An environment that is also etched on the faces of its occupants, some with direct clarity and others as reflections in glass. Life within our cities concrete jungle confronts us constantly with our historical past and makes us marvel at its everchanging future. 

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