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Ellen Tiberino is a mosaic artist born and raised in West Philadelphia. She comes from a family of renowned visual artists. Ellen has exhibited in numerous galleries in Philadelphia and New York. Including the Sande Webster Gallery, Gallery 22, Rosemont College and the African American Museum. Ellen has conducted numerous mosaic workshops for different organizations including Mural Arts programs, Living Cities, People's Emergency Center and independently in different communities. Her work can be found in various collections. Ellen Tiberino’s work is inspired by her love of nature, travel and family.

Am I Blue by Ellen Tiberino

  • Am I Blue

    Ellen Tiberino

    Stained Glass Mosaic & Raku Mask on Wood 


    TIBERINO: The Legacy Continues Art Exhibition


    The Tiberino name resonates in the world of art for decades. The history of Ellen Powell Tiberino and Joseph Tiberino are well documented in the halls of museums, galleries, and private collections all over the world. Now we focus on the children of this amazing couple, Raphael, Ellen and Gabriel Tiberino. All accomplished artists in their own right.

    The Tiberino Family, more than anything else, is a love story. The influence and nurturing of two extremely talented artists provided the lifestyle, atmosphere and backdrop for their talented offspring to blossom and flourish. Working in a variety of mediums, Raphael, Ellen and Gabriel are able to merge the old with the new. Through their eyes, we're able to see the ongoing legacy of their families contribution to the art world. This younger generation is able to speak in a style that's uniquely theirs but harkens back to the traditional style. The Legacy of Love continues...


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