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Ultra Silk is a concept of maximized quality, artistry, and visual beauty. These characteristics are infused in our choice of products that enhance the environment and elevate your living space. World Art, Artifacts, Exotic Furnishings, & Home Décor items are on display in our gallery setting.

Ultra Silk also includes opportunities to explore historical and conceptual expressions in each piece displayed. We promote these concepts through gallery presentations, book events, multicultural music and other social events coordinated to expand publicity and neighborhood outreach. Our "Learning Gallery" AR series features in-depth information on particular antiquities in our catalog. 


We hope Ultra Silk Gallery will empower the community at large by representing innovative, high-quality representations of home décor items that are both practical and uniquely stated. We feel that developing a discerning eye for refined objects stemming from art will evolve into an appreciation of environmental alternatives.


So, stop by, have a cup or glass, and toast to artistry at its best.

Rashida Watson
Ms. Kenya

Rashida Watson

Art Curator

Rashida has attended The University of The Arts Majoring in Illustration. Her Minors & other interests include Painting, Sculpting, Photography & Weaving. Rashida's enthusiasm with the arts has taken her to a variety of countries to explore other art forms to communicate, collaborate,& be inspired by other fellow artists.

Ms. Rashida's main duties as an Art Curator for Ultra Silk Gallery consists of acquiring, collecting, and cataloging works of art, as well as ensuring their overall care. She is also involved in research, as she has written articles, as well as prepared and given lectures in International Art.

Ms. Kenya

Exhibitions and Events Coordinator 

Ms. Kenya. has played and essential role in selling international Art for The Silk Tent LLC. for over two decades. Her development in many years of Event Organization, Marketing as well as knack for elevated Customer Service has landed Kenya into her pinnacle role in Ultra Silk Gallery. Her primary goal is responsible for coordinating multiple projects within the Exhibitions Department, a key area delivering on the gallery’s mission. Facilitating all administrative aspects of the installations and exhibitions in each artist portfolio, with the goal of facilitating teams to create and implement exhibitions and installations that inform, engage, surprise and delight our guests. 

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